Cultural and Natural Heritage: A Tool for Socio-Economic Development

This project rehabilitated an ancient spring and its associated square, part of the Palestinian World Heritage Site ‘Land of Olives and Vines’.

CCHP is working towards protecting one of the most important water springs in Battir, “Ein Al-Balad”, and its square “Al-Maidan Square”, thus reviving the intangible heritage, mainly the inherited traditions passed down through generations through reviving the traditional festivals that used to take place once, and promoting the Agritourism of Battir.

Within the Project “Cultural and Natural Heritage; a Tool for Socio-Economic Development” in Battir, CCHP is implementing the phase of tiling, sewage and electricity works in Al-Ein Area and Al-Maidan Square.

“Cultural and Natural Heritage; a Tool for Socio-Economic Development” is a project that is funded through the British Council in Partnership with Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The fund is set up to protect cultural heritage overseas at risk due to conflict.

Project Details

Location: Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel, Middle East, Asia Organiser(s): Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP) Project partner(s): Palestinian Ministry of Tourisn and Antiquities (MoTA), Battur Municipal Council Funder(s): British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS Funding received: £97,925 Commencement Date: 03/2017 Project Status: Active
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