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British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS

The British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, set up in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, is directly responding to the threat to cultural heritage in and around the Middle East and North Africa, whilst promoting opportunities for sustainable social and economic development in the region. Utilising £30m in Official Development Assistance from the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Cultural Protection Fund offers grants to organisations to deliver projects that protect, record, conserve and restore cultural heritage at risk. In doing so, we are creating opportunities for sustainable development through providing skills; increasing capacity in the heritage workforce; and supporting communities to better understand, value and benefit from their heritage. Grants have been awarded to 51 initiatives taking place across the region. By 2020, over 3000 people in the cultural heritage sector will have received training and developed new skills as part of CPF projects and thousands of new records for threatened heritage sites have been created and are being monitored across the region. Over 10,000 people have undertaken activities that increase understanding of, or engagement with, cultural heritage.

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British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS Projects

4 Spiritual leader performs a mountain cleansing ritual at the Nzwiranja Nyamwamba Mulyambuli river confluence Mountain cleansing rituals are performed to the gods before the planting and harvest seasons or when t 1

Supporting Climate Resilient Heritage in Uganda - Melting Snow and Rivers in Flood

Explores a community-led response, where climate change risks the erasing of belief systems, cultural rites and scared sites alike.

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Protecting Iraqi Cultural Heritage: Deterring Antiquities Looting and Trafficking

Priceless artefacts in museums in Iraq have been protected from the threat of destruction and theft by marking them with a unique invisible code, SmartWater traceable liquid, …

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Cultural Corridors of Peace

This project will collect, archive and share the traditional skills and living memory of the Bedouins of Bekaa in Lebanon. The Bedouin are a group of nomadic peoples who have …

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Megatithes de lakkar

Scientific Assistance for the Valorisation of Mengez Megalithic Sites

This project aims to work on the preservation and optimisation of tourism of the megalithic dolmens of Mengez, in the Akkar region of Northern Lebanon. 

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Rural Communities 768x512

Cultural Heritage Protection

This project aims to monitor site damage to the archaeological heritage of Garmian, increase the capacity of local heritage professionals, and engage local communities with th…

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Dome Houses From Syria: Protection of an Endangered Cultural Heritage

This project aims to preserve and revitalise the tradition of domed houses to offer a housing solution to displaced Syrian families

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Revival of The Mosque of Moqbil

This project will see the restoration of a traditional rock-salt mosque in the old fortified city of Shali, Egypt. Environmental Quality International will employ and supervis…

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5 kafr aqab ruins adjacent to the main road

The Life Jacket: the Revitalisation and Development of Rural Jerusalem

 This project aims to restore the historic centres of four villages in North West and North East Jerusalem, and build capacity in restoration for local workers and heritage pr…

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The Completion of the New Basrah Museum

This project aims to complete three galleries in the newly opened Basrah Museum, in Iraq.

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