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This free digital resource is a demonstration of the V&A’s ongoing commitment to protecting the world’s cultural heritage and supporting communities that suffer cultural loss, whether through conflict, criminal acts or natural disaster. The Culture in Crisis Programme brings together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage, providing a forum for sharing information, inspiring and supporting action and raising public awareness.

With your support the Culture in Crisis Portal will become the world’s largest and most accessible database of cultural heritage preservation projects. It enables its users to quickly and easily register their preservation projects, as well as searching for those already in existence.

Together we can learn from each other, share experiences and work to protect the world’s cultural heritage.

To do this, we need your help.

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Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo

This year-long project focusses on the research, documentation and conservation of Mamluk minbars in Historic Cairo.

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Benchmarking the Maritime Cultural Heritage of Syria

The aim of the project was to conduct a comprehensive baseline, arm's length assessment of the nature, extent, needs of, and threats to, the maritime archaeology resource in S…

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Honor Frost Foundation Bursaries

The Honor Frost Foundation offers a number of bursaries each year to support students and early career researchers from the eastern Mediterranean to attend conferences, worksh…

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