Architecture responds Event

Architecture Responds

This in-person Culture in Crisis event, hosted at the V&A South Kensington in June 2023, was programmed in collaboration with London Festival of Architecture and explored different approaches to the (re)construction of architecture, within post-crisis environments.

This event was supported by the British Council

Sudan event Event

Spotlight on Sudan

Since the outbreak of direct conflict in Sudan in April 2023, the world has witnessed ‘an already precarious humanitarian situation become catastrophic’. In this online event, hear from Sudanese heritage specialists, as well as those working to support them, to understand more about the impacts of the conflict taking place.
Bringing together voices from different disciplines within the Sudanese heritage sector, we hear about the current threats posed to cultural heritage, as well as the emerging projects such as the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative which are designed promote, protect, and preserve it.

This Culture in Crisis event is programmed in partnership with Heritage for Peace.

CIC logo Conference

Heritage at War: Plan and Prepare (2023)

In February 2023, The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Culture in Crisis Programme, in partnership with the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester staged an international conference exploring the past and present risks of military conflict to heritage.
'Heritage at War: Plan and Prepare' brought together voices from Europe, the US, Africa, and Asia to explore how lessons learned from past experiences of conflict can inform our approaches to the safeguarding of cultural heritage today. Presentations explored how the heritage sector, the military and other stakeholders collaborate to protect cultural heritage under attack, navigating the specific risks of direct military conflict on the ground.

This conference is generously supported by the University of Leicester’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Award.

Heritage now 1 Webinar

Heritage Now: Relevance and Community – Community Ownership (1/5)

In this, the first of five sessions, we examine who ‘owns’ heritage? Exploring ideas around ownership and influence, we discuss how communities and heritage organisations navigate these concepts, in collaboration or in opposition. Bringing together a multidisciplinary group of professionals working with heritage, we ask; who makes the decisions? How do we prioritise? What are the impacts of such actions?

‘Heritage Now: Relevance and Community’ draws from and develops key themes explored during the 2022 international conference of the same name. Each event brings together voices from around the world, to share experiences and to collectively discuss pressing topics related to heritage preservation.