INTO Dundee: Heritage Now: Relevance and Community (2022)

INTO Heritage Conference

INTO Dundee – Heritage Now: Relevance & Community (2022)

In October 2022, the Culture in Crisis Programme in partnership with the International National Trusts Organisation, the National Trust for Scotland and V&A Dundee convened a major international conference, in Dundee, Scotland.

INTO Dundee: Heritage Now: Relevance & Community highlighted the importance of both people and purpose within heritage preservation, taking an encompassing look at tangible and intangible heritage, as well as the preservation of landscapes where nature and heritage co-exist. The conference explored key ideas such as how relevance is perceived, shaped and adapted within heritage, and how organisations can engage communities and (re)present narratives.

As the heritage sector faces ongoing evolving challenges, now more than ever organisations are recognising the importance of future-focused strategies. The conference provided an important forum for sharing experiences and developing best practices, with specific consideration to work relating to communities and the relevance heritage holds for them.

The event drew together a global audience of heritage professionals and those working in associated sectors, providing a rich opportunity for sharing international experiences and case studies.