Architecture responds Event

Architecture Responds

This in-person Culture in Crisis event, hosted at the V&A South Kensington in June 2023, was programmed in collaboration with London Festival of Architecture and explored different approaches to the (re)construction of architecture, within post-crisis environments.

This event was supported by the British Council

Sudan event Event

Spotlight on Sudan

Since the outbreak of direct conflict in Sudan in April 2023, the world has witnessed ‘an already precarious humanitarian situation become catastrophic’. In this online event, hear from Sudanese heritage specialists, as well as those working to support them, to understand more about the impacts of the conflict taking place.
Bringing together voices from different disciplines within the Sudanese heritage sector, we hear about the current threats posed to cultural heritage, as well as the emerging projects such as the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative which are designed promote, protect, and preserve it.

This Culture in Crisis event is programmed in partnership with Heritage for Peace.

Ukraine online event Event

The War on Ukrainian Heritage

In this online event recorded in November 2022, we hear from Dr Kateryna Goncharova, Ukrainian Heritage Crisis Specialist at the World Monuments Fund, about the Russian military invasion and its impact on Ukrainian Heritage.

As well as providing an overview of the significance of Ukrainian culture and heritage, this event outlined the immediate threats and risks posed by the war; explaining how they are impacting a nation's fragile historic environment.

Attacks on heritage and identity during this conflict have been wide-reaching and have included targeted attacks within historic cities, the destruction of cultural sites and the looting of museums and archival collections.

While the war and its effect on Ukrainian heritage has been reported widely, there have been notable cases of misunderstanding and misinformation. Through this event we explored these issues and heard – from the ground – what’s taking place.

Listen to the recording to hear what can be done to safeguard heritage and how people and institutions can support Ukrainian heritage professionals and their work today.

Combination craft Event

Heritage Craft in India

This online event recorded in November 2022, explores the traditions of craft heritage in India, as well as the significance of contemporary production in the country today.

The webinar brought together local designers and makers, including block printers, weavers and embroiderers, as well as those working to support the continuation of these craft skills for the future.

The discussion explored themes relating to regional identity, the cultural and commercial elements of craft production, as well as the legacy and inheritance of those working today.

Abdul Jabbar Mohammed Khatri, Ajrakh, block printer

Adam Khatri, Ajrakh, block printer

Shamji Vankar Vishram Valji, Master Weaver, Vankar Vishram Valji Weaving

Ami Shroff, Director of the Shrujan Trust

Laura Searson, Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead, V&A (Host)