Global Heritage Perspectives 5 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - Memory, Now (5/5)

What, who and how we remember is a constantly shifting arena and hotly debated topic within the heritage sector.

The sharing of inherited knowledge, documentation of memory and the resultant creation of cultural narratives all play vital roles in the protection of heritage.

In this session we look at the various ways we create, document, and share cultural memory and knowledge; exploring how memory is built and remembered across tangible, intangible and digital spaces.

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Archive Collections in Crisis

Join us as we bring together 3 archival institutions working across the Middle East and North Africa to discuss emergency planning, implementing disaster management strategies and working towards sustainable recoveries. Addressing the varied nature of collections - from photographs and film, to books, manuscripts, built heritage, and the digital - the event will highlight the approaches and experiences of organisations in protecting tangible and intangible heritage. Discussion will address the creation of emergency plans, the use of technological safeguards, training and resources, as well as the importance of proactive collaborations and investment in sustainable safeguarding. Six months on from the explosion in the Port of Beirut, the event will reflect on how best to protect collections and colleagues amid continuously challenging contexts, while facing compounding crises.

This event is produced in partnership between the Arab Image Foundation and the V&A’s Culture in Crisis Programme.

Cultural Heritage Protection in a post-Covid Landscape - Introductory Session (1/5)

Between June and September 2020, The British Council, DCMS and the V&A partnered to produce a series of interactive workshops, hosted by our Culture in Crisis Programme, that explored the role cultural heritage protection has to play in 'building back better', as the world moves forward into development landscapes significantly transformed by Covid-19.
The five sessions within the series each convened panels to discuss various strategic areas within this topic, including sustainability, development and the role of digital technologies.

In Session 1, the British Council, DCMS and V&A presented the opening session of the interactive workshop series.

Cultural Heritage Protection in a Post Covid Landscape: Digital Strategies (2/5)

The focus of this session centred on the various opportunities, strengths and limitations for using digital approaches for cultural heritage protection post-Covid. Alongside facilitated audience participation, the event convened a panel of international speakers from across the digital sector to address areas such as virtual tourism, online training, the digital divide, digital dignity and other topics.