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British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS

The British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, set up in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, is directly responding to the threat to cultural heritage in and around the Middle East and North Africa, whilst promoting opportunities for sustainable social and economic development in the region. Utilising £30m in Official Development Assistance from the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Cultural Protection Fund offers grants to organisations to deliver projects that protect, record, conserve and restore cultural heritage at risk. In doing so, we are creating opportunities for sustainable development through providing skills; increasing capacity in the heritage workforce; and supporting communities to better understand, value and benefit from their heritage. Grants have been awarded to 51 initiatives taking place across the region. By 2020, over 3000 people in the cultural heritage sector will have received training and developed new skills as part of CPF projects and thousands of new records for threatened heritage sites have been created and are being monitored across the region. Over 10,000 people have undertaken activities that increase understanding of, or engagement with, cultural heritage.

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British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS Projects

Community museums of western sudan2

Community Museums of Western Sudan: Omdurman, El Obeid, Nyala

This project aims to restore three museums and provide for the educational and cultural needs of their communities, visitors and tourists.

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Looting at fifa jordan

EAMENA: Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology

This project aims to train archaeologists from eight countries in the use of an open-source aerial recording methodology, designed for conflict zones and other areas where acc…

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Restproation og aghormi mosque

Restoration of the Aghormi Mosque by the Residents of Siwa

This project aims to train local community residents to restore the Kershef Mosque in Aghormi, Egypt. These works will safeguard against further deterioration and return the m…

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Deir al Surian Projects

This project aims to conserve manuscripts within the Deir al Surian monastery in Egypt. Coptic and Arabic manuscripts will be conserved, catalogued and photographed.

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Department aes circulatingartefacts1

Circulating Artefacts: A Cross-Platform Alliance Against the Looting of Pharaonic Antiquities

The British Museum aims to create a new database of Egyptian and Nubian artefacts currently in circulation on the international art market, and those held in private collectio…

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CS2 9656

SARAT (Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey)

This project aims to build capacity and raise awareness for safeguarding archaeological assets in Turkey, with a focus on those in south-eastern provinces, Antalya and Istanbu…

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Dair a trail

Sufi Shrines: Centuries of Heritage under Siege, Protecting Nabi Ghaith Shrine Through Rehabilitation

This project aims to rehabilitate the shrine of Nabi Ghaith and establish a community park surrounding the restored monument.

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IMG 6546 football match sm 350x263

Swansea City Opera Lebanon Heritage Project

This project aims to create a permanent record of the intangible cultural heritage of refugee groups across five camps in Lebanon, seeking to bring communities together throug…

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Hebron palestine

Enhancing Vernacular Heritage in As-Samou

This two year project focused on the documentation, conservation and adaptive re-use of vernacular built heritage to address severe conflict damage in As-Samou'

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