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Basra Heritage Boat Club copyright Rashad Salim

Ark for Iraq (Phase 3)

This project is an expansion of an ambitious initiative to protect and promote Iraq’s unique and endangered inland watercraft heritage, that is in rapid decline due to the ong…

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Eap 823

Digitisation and preservation of the manuscript collection at the Monastery of St Saviour in Old Jerusalem

This project digitised the full collection of manuscripts at the Franciscan monastery of St Saviour in the Old City of Jerusalem. The collection contains codices and rotuli, d…

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Rehabilitation of the Empire Cinema in Tripoli, Lebanon

Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) has been working for eight months on rehabilitating Empire Cinema, located in Tripoli city, North Lebanon, with the help of 25 volunteers from …

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Culture in Crisis

Protection and promotion of Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage at local, national and international levels

This project will undertake several preventive and emergency interventions at three important archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip, including the Roman Necropolis of Ard-al-…

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3 Housh Imbsabeh in Qalandiya c RIWAQ

Heritage Challenging Fragmented Geography

This project will restore and enhance significant and endangered buildings and public spaces across four historic centres in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories.

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1 Map showing the buildings and areas that the project proposes to work on DAFDAF

The Rehabilitation of the Governor’s HQ Complex (former British Residency) in Mukalla

This project will oversee the rehabilitation of the building and surrounding area and protection of the skills needed to do so.

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Instruments Making Program by AFH 2

On the Tracks of Music - Folk Music in the Levant and Mesopotamia

This project will preserve and promote the disappearing traditional folk music and musical instruments of marginalised rural communities, in areas severely affected by conflic…

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The Crows Eye c Omar Malas via Ettijahat

Safeguarding endangered oral traditions and minority heritages in Syria

This project will safeguard a wide range of Syrian intangible heritage, including oral traditions, folk stories and proverbs which are central to communities’ identities.

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EAMENA: Mitigating Conflict and Climate Change Risks Through Digital Heritage, Capacity Building, and Consolidation

This project will build upon the transformative work undertaken by the EAMENA project across the Middle East and North Africa, working with national NGOs and governments to em…

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