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Reviving the Jewish Memory of Mosul

Project of documentation and preservation of the Jewish intangible heritage of Mosul through the documentation of the oral history of the Jewish community. This project aims t…

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Fine Arts Workshop

Mobilize, Involve, and Change for Youth to Strive (MICYAS)

“Mobilize, Involve, and Change for Youth to Strive (MICYAS)” is a 3-year DROSOS Foundation-funded project that TAA is currently working on. This project's main impact is to ma…

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Elusive Voices: Preserving the Stories of Elderly Palestinian Refugees

Palestinian director, Muhammad Ibrahim, directed a series of interviews capturing the experiences of refugees from 180 villages. Documenting information that has been erased e…

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Surprise!: Photo Jack Imaging Lebanon's Passers-by, Public and Private Life

Throughout the 1940’s to the 1980’s, the Photo Jack Studio captured the intricacies of urban life in northern Lebanon. Using local photography practices and methods, photograp…

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Preserving Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis: The Role of Social Media

Through the power of social media, Syrians who have been tragically displaced from their homes come together online to share their experiences and nostalgic memories of the pa…

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Sursock Palace Cultural Centre

RestART Beirut Fund was created in November 2020 under the aegis of the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium, and has been operational to receive donations since December 2020…

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Al-Ghussein House in Gaza City

Al-Ghussein house is a historical building from the late Ottoman period located in Gaza City, Gaza Strip. In 2020, Goethe-Institut Palestinian Territories initiated the recons…

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Iraqi Women Art and War Exhibition 'Of Ordinary Things'

This project is about telling stories from Iraqi Women, refugees and forced immigrants based in Oxfordshire. Stories are related to War times in Iraq from the 1980s until now.…

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Sustainable tourism at National trusts sites

A research project into the ways in which owners and stewards of National Trust properties around the world can ensure that tourism at their sites is conducted in a way that i…

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