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Conservation of 19th-Century Photographs in the Collection of the National Museum of Oman

This project involves the conservation of the original album and its 90 photographs.

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Conservation of Ancient Roman Imperial and Other Monuments and Sites in the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, Phase 3

This project continues work begun under previous Ambassadors Fund grants and includes the documentation and preservation of Bronze Age and Ottoman period sites in the reserve.

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Conservation of the 8th-Century Umayyad Qasr Al-Mshatta (Mshatta Palace) near Amman

This project involves the conservation of the palace ruins and the development of a site management plan.

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Arab image foundation

Fragile Film in an unstable country: a negative mission

In response to Lebanon's economic crisis, the AIF is digitizing their collection of photographic films. The materials represent the range of photography methods practiced in L…

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The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site and village

The project aims to record and analyse the endangered and multi-layered heritage site of Umm Qais including the Ottoman village houses. The project looks into ways to enhance …

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Protecting Iraqi Cultural Heritage: Deterring Antiquities Looting and Trafficking

Priceless artefacts in museums in Iraq have been protected from the threat of destruction and theft by marking them with a unique invisible code, SmartWater traceable liquid, …

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Qisetna: Talking Syria

A non-political platform for Syrians and people who have a close connection, preserving the cultural & oral heritage of Syria, one story at a time. We are dedicated to buildi…

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Ma Di H Logo

MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan

MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan is an AHRC / Newton funded collaborative project contributing to the long-term sustainable development of Jordan’s di…

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A Documentation of the North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialect cluster of Gargarnaye

The Endangered Language Documentation Programme (ELDP) provides grants worldwide to for the linguistic documentation of endangered language and knowledge. Grantees create mult…

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