Projects in Palestine

Culture in Crisis

Protection and promotion of Palestinian tangible and intangible cultural heritage at local, national and international levels

This project will undertake several preventive and emergency interventions at three important archaeological sites in the Gaza Strip, including the Roman Necropolis of Ard-al-…

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3 Housh Imbsabeh in Qalandiya c RIWAQ

Heritage Challenging Fragmented Geography

This project will restore and enhance significant and endangered buildings and public spaces across four historic centres in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories.

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EAMENA: Mitigating Conflict and Climate Change Risks Through Digital Heritage, Capacity Building, and Consolidation

This project will build upon the transformative work undertaken by the EAMENA project across the Middle East and North Africa, working with national NGOs and governments to em…

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Al-Ghussein House in Gaza City

Al-Ghussein house is a historical building from the late Ottoman period located in Gaza City, Gaza Strip. In 2020, Goethe-Institut Palestinian Territories initiated the recons…

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Eternal Heritage

Dedicated to promoting the role of young people in the protection of heritage in the Middle East, this project includes the realization of an informative and aesthetic publica…

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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Palestine, Manuscript Collection of the Great Omari Mosque Library

The Manuscript Collection of the Great ‘Umari Mosque Library’ in Gaza, Palestine, is one of the most important archival collections of the country.

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Palestinian Museum Digital Archive

To digitize endangered, dispersed and inaccessible collections of documents, photographs, videos and ephemeral materials representing the culture and history of Palestine from…

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Documentation of Maritime Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

To document endangered maritime archaeological heritage in the Middle East and North Africa and to publish the results through an online database.

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Cultural Heritage Project

This project will document both tangible and intangible Palestinian ethnographic heritage, paying particular attention to agricultural practices along the cultural route of ‘A…

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