Projects in Palestine

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Cultural and Natural Heritage: A Tool for Socio-Economic Development

This project rehabilitated an ancient spring and its associated square, part of the Palestinian World Heritage Site ‘Land of Olives and Vines’.

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Looting at fifa jordan

EAMENA: Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology

This project aims to train archaeologists from eight countries in the use of an open-source aerial recording methodology, designed for conflict zones and other areas where acc…

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Dair a trail

Sufi Shrines: Centuries of Heritage under Siege, Protecting Nabi Ghaith Shrine Through Rehabilitation

This project aims to rehabilitate the shrine of Nabi Ghaith and establish a community park surrounding the restored monument.

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Hebron palestine

Enhancing Vernacular Heritage in As-Samou

This two year project focused on the documentation, conservation and adaptive re-use of vernacular built heritage to address severe conflict damage in As-Samou'

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Old pic 4

Conservation for Digitisation

This project aims to conserve endangered paper materials within the Palestinian Museum.

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Preservation archaeology gaza

Protection and Preservation of Historical Archaeological Sites in the Gaza Strip

This project will rehabilitate two heritage sites in the Gaza Strip: the Saint Hilarion Monastery and a Byzantine Church in Jabaliyah.

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Bedouin lived cultural heritage

Protecting Bedouin Lived Cultural Heritage

This 15 month inter-generational project will focus on the nomadic Bedouin communities of the Occupied-Palestinian Territories, engaging with young people to explore the relat…

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