Protection and Preservation of Historical Archaeological Sites in the Gaza Strip

This project will rehabilitate two heritage sites in the Gaza Strip: the Saint Hilarion Monastery and a Byzantine Church in Jabaliyah.

The Saint Hilarion Monastery is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in the Middle East of which substantial remains still survive The site is one of the few cultural heritage resources in Gaza to beregularly used by local people. The large Byzantine Church at Jabaliyah was first uncovered in 1996 and has been damaged by airstrikes and the passage of tanks across its remarkable mosaic pavements in recent years. In addition to this recent damage, both sites are threatened by the risk of a potential escalation in conflict.

In this 26-month project, the Saint Hilarion Monastery and a Byzantine Church in Jabaliyah will be rehabilitated and protected from potential future damage, thanks to the creation of protective roofs and walls..

As well as conservation work, comprehensive on-site training will also be offered to local artisans and students of archaeology and architecture from two universities in Gaza . Targeted sessions will also be offered to local school groups and families to increase awareness and engagement with the two sites.

Project Details

Location: Gaza Strip, Palestine, Middle East, Palestine, Asia, United States of America Organiser(s): Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) Project partner(s): The French Biblical School of Archaeology of Jerusalem, The Islamic University of Gaza, The University of Palestine Funder(s): British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS Funding received: £1,755,000 Commencement Date: 10/2017 Project Status: Active
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