Projects in Jerusalem

5 kafr aqab ruins adjacent to the main road

The Life Jacket: the Revitalisation and Development of Rural Jerusalem

 This project aims to restore the historic centres of four villages in North West and North East Jerusalem, and build capacity in restoration for local workers and heritage pr…

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235x176 images Battir CPF

Cultural and Natural Heritage: A Tool for Socio-Economic Development

This project rehabilitated an ancient spring and its associated square, part of the Palestinian World Heritage Site ‘Land of Olives and Vines’.

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Khalidi library

Preserving Palestinian Heritage

This eighteen month project aims to expand access to the largest private collection of Arabic Manuscripts in Jerusalem.

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Mamluk facade

Restoration of a Mamluk Façade in Jerusalem

This year long project restored the main façade of a Mamluk building in Jerusalem

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