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Women masons

Upskilling and Training Initiatives for Women Masons

This project will deliver skilling and capacity building of women masons in alternative and sustainable building techniques and collaboration partner gender organisations

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EAP1294 team

Safeguarding for Posterity Two Private Collections of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts from the Tamil Country

The Kalliṭaikuṟicci and Villiyampākkam collections are palm-leaf collections held privately in India. The collections are essential to study the prevalent reading practices in…

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Eap 1262

Preserving the History of Indian Cinema through Digitising Early Urdu Film Magazines

The Hindi film industry, based in Bombay (now Mumbai), was and is the largest of India’s film industries. Shedding new light on South Asian film journalism and readership, thi…

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Eap 1247

Songs of the Old Madmen: Recovering Baul Songs from the Note-Books of 19th and 20th Century Bengali Saint-Composers

The songs of the Bauls are composed by gurus and performed by itinerant folk musicians. They are transmitted among low-caste communities in India and Bangladesh, where they ar…

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Eap 1228

Locating and Sampling Arabic and Arabic-Malayalam Manuscripts in Kerala, South India

The Arabic and Arabic Malayalam literature of Kerala (Malabar) constitutes an important, under-researched link in the history of intellectual and religious networks in the pre…

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Eap 1160

Documenting royalty through the changing political culture in Kongu Nadu, South India, 1400-1950

Kongu Nadu is one of the earliest cultural areas in ancient Tamil land. The documents held by chieftains in the region are of great interest to historians, anthropologists, so…

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Eap 1153

Preservation of audio recordings, and accompanying documentation of music and folklore of Western Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s cultural heritage is heavily based on oral traditions. Professional bards and musicians of the region recite traditional epics, with puppetry and music. Recordings…

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Eap 1149

The Monastic Manuscript Project: Preservation of the Archives of Śaiva Monastic Lineages

Over the past few decades, scholars of Śaivism have recovered a wealth of manuscripts that have revolutionised our understanding of the place of Śaivism in the religious histo…

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EAP Placeholder

Private records of the leading business families of Early Colonial Bengal

Bengal had a rich tradition of commodity production, trade and commerce in the pre-colonial and the early colonial period. The archival records of the families with such leadi…

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