Projects in Africa

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Conservation of Ancient Wooden Coffins at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

This project involves the conservation of more than 150 ancient wooden coffins in the collection.

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Conservation of Objects Recovered from the 18th-Century São José Slave Shipwreck in Cape Town

This project involves critical conservation laboratory upgrades and training and mentorship opportunities for archaeology students.

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RE ORG Nigeria

Preventive Conservation of Museum Collections in Nigeria

This projects involves training and mentorship in preventive conservation of museum objects in storage.

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Preservation of Archaeological Collections at the Livingstone Museum

This project involves archaeological collections storage upgrades and preventive conservation training for museum staff.

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Conservation of the 16th-Century Agadir O’Fella Kasbah in Agadir

The “kasbah,” or fortress, overlooking the city of Agadir has a long history extending from its construction in the 16th century to its collapse during the 1960 Agadir earthqu…

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Conservation of the Ruins of Kua, a Medieval Swahili Town in Tanzania

This project involves site documentation, conservation, and the development of a management plan in consultation with the local community.

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Documentation of Indigenous African Musical Traditions in South Africa

This project involves the documentation of traditional music and its transcription into standard staff notation for preservation and use.

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