Projects in Africa

1 Terrachidia

Training Scholarships for Workshops on Documentation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage and Cultural Landscape in the M’hamid and Ich Oases

The project encompasses a series of workshops on architectural documentation and restoration, empowering women’s cooperatives, and a year-round communication campaign for know…

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01 Port Said Location BTU

Abbas Bazaar, Recovery Lab of Port Said

This project will protect the 19th century Khedive Abbas Helmy II Bazaar in Port Said, Egypt. The Bazaar is a unique hybrid of local architectural style and European modernism…

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Eap 1245

Digitising Pulaar Islamic Texts: Six Archives of the Taal Families in Senegal and Mali

During the efforts to preserve pre-modern Islamic manuscripts in West Africa, important volumes of Pulaar Ajami writings have been left out. Detailing the islamisation of the …

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Meap 1231

Digitisation of Nyasaland District Administration Reports

The Nyasaland District Administration Reports contain the records of the British colonial rule in Malawi. Dated 1891 to 1964, they collect the district’s activities and develo…

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The Jerba Libraries Project: Preserving Endangered Manuscripts and Early Arabic Print Materials in Private Libraries in Jerba, Tunisia

Private libraries in Djerba (Tunisia) contain a variety of material which would offer scholars, local families, and institutions a window into the island’s past. However, held…

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Eap 1167

Safeguarding Colonial Plantation Records of Malawi

Between 1891 and 1964, the British Protectorate of Nyasaland (Malawi) saw the establishment of plantations of tea and tobacco. This marked the transition from rudimentary agri…

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Building Early Accra: Preserving Historical Building Permits in Ghana

Accra was the first settlement in Ghana to keep written records. The archives of the city hold important documents detailing urban development and cities in Africa, histories …

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Eap 1144

Takoradi Railway Workers' Archives Digitisation Project

At the peak of its activity, the Ghana Railway Corporation (GRC) counted 11,000 employees. The archives held in Takoradi create a snapshot of the labour history of Ghana. Heav…

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Eap 1143

The Birth of a Nation: preserving records on the Kenya-Uganda railway line

The Nairobi Railway Museum’s collection contains records on the Kenya-Uganda railway constructed between 1896 and 1901. The collection sheds light on East Africa’s social and …

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