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Eap 1119

Salvaging the Historical Heritage of Land Registration Documents of the Archives of Land Registration Division and Lands Commission of Ghana

Ghana’s land records are used in the matters of land ownership and settlement. This project succeeded in creating a clear catalogue of the Land Record’s office, while digitisi…

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Eap 1114

Preserving Pious Print: digitising early Islamic print in the Maalim Muhammad Idris Collection, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Maalim Idris Library is the most extensive holding of early Islamic printed material in Tanzania. The material is crucial to understand the social, cultural and religious …

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Eap 1094

Endangered Libraries In Timbuktu

When the Jihadist occupation began in 2012, hundreds of thousands manuscripts were smuggled out of Timbuktu to Bamako. However, a small but important minority of the owners di…

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Recovering the rich local history of Kita (Mali) through the salvaging of its archival heritage

The Kita district was the oldest colonial district in Mali. Located at the crossroads of several trade routes, the cosmopolitan region was a refugee zone that welcomed populat…

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Eap 1055

Slow Death for Slavery in the National Archives of Benin

The Beninese colonial court records around the abolition of slavery have been part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register since 1997. The consequences of transatlantic sla…

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Eap 1042

Digital Preservation of Mandinka Ajami Materials of Casamance, Senegal

The centuries-old Mandinka Ajami tradition is one of least documented literary practices of Africa. The Ajami manuscripts will enable academics to access, for the first time, …

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Safeguarding the Endangered Court Records of Malawi, 1891-1964

The judicial system in Malawi started during the pre-colonial times and followed procedures of customary law. The records of traditional courts across the country can be used …

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United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) Church Endangered Archives Pilot Project

The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa was born out of the London Missionary Society in the early 1880s. The Church contributed to the socio-economic development …

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Preserving Endangered Manuscript Libraries in Djerba, Tunisia: the al-Basi Family Library Project

The El Basi mosque housed a collection of 200 bound volumes, used by students and scholars since the late 18th century. After the mosque was shut down in the early 20th Centur…

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