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Preserving Endangered Manuscript Libraries in Djerba, Tunisia: the al-Basi Family Library Project

The El Basi mosque housed a collection of 200 bound volumes, used by students and scholars since the late 18th century. After the mosque was shut down in the early 20th Centur…

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The diplomatic connections of Madagascar between 1861 and 1897

The diplomatic archives of the Merina kingdom have been part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register since 2009. They illustrate the encounter between the precolonial kingd…

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Safeguarding the British Colonial and Regional Administrative Archive in Northern Ghana

The Public Records and Archives Administration (PRAAD) in Tamale, northern Ghana, holds rare historical records of the British colonial administration of the Northern Territor…

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Preserving Malawi endangered historical District Notebooks: 1891-1964

During the formative years of the colonial administration in Malawi, district notebooks functioned as intermediaries between orality and literacy. British administrators used …

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Pilot project for endangered Arabic manuscripts in Ivory Coast

Although many authors have mentioned the existence of manuscripts in Ivory Coast, information about their location, extent and content remains unclear. Kept in private librari…

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Documenting the Arabic manuscript collection of the Yattara Family Library, Timbuktu, Mali

The Yattara family library is a manuscript collection that has been developed over centuries by a prominent family from Timbuktu, Mali. Its contents were largely unknown. An o…

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Continued digitisation and preservation of the Arabic manuscripts of Djenné and surrounding villages

The city of Djenné, Mali, shares the same glorious past as a centre of learning and commerce with its more famous ‘twin sister’ Timbuktu. Held in private collections in Djenné…

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Preserving a unique archive of diaspora and disease in the Indian Ocean from 1867 to 1930: a test case from Mauritius

The Bois Marchand Cemetery in Mauritius was the largest cemetery in the Indian Ocean. The records held in its archive are a unique repository of demographic and disease data, …

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Protecting the Archive of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa

The archive held in the bell tower of St. Andrew’s Church in Nairobi (Kenya) includes material produced by two colonial missions, the Church of Scotland Mission to Kenya and t…

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