Projects in Africa

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Risk Reduction Workshops for Libyan Heritage in Times of Crisis

This series of risk reduction workshops supports Libya’s efforts to safeguard its museum collections, archives, historic buildings, and archaeological sites.

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Conservation of the Early 12th-Century Church of Yemrehanna Kristos near Lalibela

This project includes a condition assessment and the development of a conservation strategy for the building.

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Training in the Conservation of Ethnographic Objects and Traditional Architecture at Nyamata Church in Bugesera District

This project includes training in the conservation of ethnographic objects and traditional architecture for Rwandan stewards.

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Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts in the Ahmed Baba Institute Collection in Timbuktu

This project involves the conservation, digitization, and storage of manuscripts for long-term preservation and access.

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Preservation of the 19th-Century Andafiavaratra Palace Museum in Antananarivo

This project involves the restoration of the building’s mud walls (Tamboho) using traditional building methods.

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Conservation of the Early 13th-Century al-Imam al-Shafi’i Mausoleum in Historic Cairo

This project involves documentation and conservation of the 13th-century shrine’s exterior walls and dome.

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Preservation of Ethnographic Objects in the Collection of the Cultural Bank of Taneka

This project involves a suite of preventive conservation measures to safeguard ethnic Yom ceremonial and other ethnographic objects of value to the local community.

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Conservation of Endangered Prehistoric and Historic Rock Art in the Central Sahara

This project involves the survey and documentation of rock art site in the mountains and local stewardship capacity building.

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