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Mit Rehina Study Season: Analysis & Publication of Material from Kom el-Fakhry 2011 Field School

Conserving through analysis, documentation and publication of the material excavated at Kom el-Fakhry by the Mit Rahina Field-School 2011. The stratified settlement material r…

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Conservation of the Early 16th-Century Tikkayat al-Gulshani Complex in Historic Cairo

This project, which includes documentation and planning activities for its eventual reuse by artisans, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to spur economic developmen…

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Conservation of the 19th-Century Bamum Kingdom Collection in Foumban

This project includes the inventory, documentation, and conservation of objects in the collection.

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Conservation of the Late 19th-Century Aba Jiffar Palace in Jimma

This project includes urgent structural interventions and training in the conservation of wooden buildings.

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Conservation of 20th-Century Film Archives and Other Collections at the Cinematheque of Tangier

The only institution of its kind in the Maghreb, the Cinematheque is home to one of the largest collections of Moroccan and North African films in the world. [Photo credit: Pr…

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Conservation of the Early 13th-Century al-Imam al-Shafi’i Mausoleum in Historic Cairo, Phase 2

This project, which continues work begun under a previous AFCP grant, directly supports the Embassy’s efforts to enhance regional security and the Memorandum of Understanding …

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Preservation of the Ancient Rock Art of Nigeria in Jigawa and Cross River States

This project endeavors to strengthen Nigeria's network of rock art conservation specialists across regions.

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Preservation of Photographs and Archaeological Field and Other Records Related to the Pre-Colonial Kingdom of Mapungubwe

This project involves the organization, documentation, and conservation of photographs, field records, and other items in the archive.

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Conservation of the 20th-Century Archives of the Federated Union of Black Artists (FUBA)

This project includes preventive conservation and storage upgrades.

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