Projects in Africa

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Mausoleum of Shajar El-Durr Rehabilitation Project - Phase 2

Uncovering and conservation of newly discovered painted decorations on dome interior and tie beams, internal and external plaster and site presentation. Phase 3 of Athar Lina …

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Establishing an Egyptian Archaeological Database Project

The preparation of an online Egyptian Archaeological Database (EAD) was first proposed by the Theban Mapping Project in 1996, but it was not until 2012 that work began, on a s…

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Conservation Project TT49

The tomb of Neferhotep (TT 49) is located at the Old Egyptian Necropolis in Thebes, built in the reign of Pharaoh Eye around 1320 BBC. TT 49 was discovered by European travell…

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Conservation of the Roman Imperial (3rd Century) Amphitheater in El Jem

This project involves the consolidation and conservation of the structure’s masonry facades and arcades and the restoration of its ancient drainage system.

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Conservation of the Ancient Jewish Cemetery of Basatin in Cairo

This project involves the development of a management and conservation plan for the 17-acre site.

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Conservation of the Stone Age Diepkloof Rock Shelter near Elands Bay

This project involves the conservation and documentation of the archaeological site.

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Conservation of the 20th-Century Constitutional Court Art Collection in Johannesburg

This project involves the conservation of several objects within the collection.

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Documentation and Conservation of the Late 14th-Century Sungbo's Eredo Earthworks of the Yoruba Ijebu Kingdom

This project involves the documentation and partial conservation of the site’s extensive system of banks and ditches spanning two Nigerian states.

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