Projects in Africa

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Documentation and Conservation of the Late 14th-Century Sungbo's Eredo Earthworks of the Yoruba Ijebu Kingdom

This project involves the documentation and partial conservation of the site’s extensive system of banks and ditches spanning two Nigerian states.

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Training in the Preservation and Protection of Archaeological Sites in the Central Namib Desert

This project involves the conservation and interpretation of open-air archaeological sites in Namibia to improve understanding of cultural heritage in local landscapes.

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Preservation and Protection of Threatened Submerged and Terrestrial Cultural Heritage of the Global Slave Trade on Mozambique Island, Phase II

This project involves the conservation of three historically important and vulnerable shipwrecks off the Island’s eastern shore.

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Conservation of the 18th-Century Cathedral of Our Lady of Deliverance in Quelimane

This project involves the documentation, conservation, and adaptive reuse of the site.

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Inventory and Documentation of Archaeological Sites in Mali

This project includes survey work and the development of Mali’s first national inventory of archaeological sites.

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Conservation of the Late 19th-Century Wooden Church in Batete

This project involves a condition assessment and the development of a conservation plan to address physical and structural deterioration.

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Preventive Conservation of the Collections of the National Institute of Congolese Archives

This project involves storage facility upgrades and the conservation of documents dating from the DRC’s colonial and early post-colonial history.

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Documentation of Endangered Traditional Knowledge of Dahomey

This project involves the documentation and dissemination of traditional folktales in English and in their original languages to raise awareness and preserve the tales for fut…

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Conservation of the Courtyard of the Cenotaph of Harwa TT37 Project

The project aims to maximize the value of the Cenotaph of Harwa (TT 37) to the public. With its more than 40,000 square feet, the Cenotaph of Harwa (later reused and slightly …

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