Protection & Restoration of the Royal Necropolis at Anubis-Mountain: Phase II

Protection and restoration work at South Abydos will complete the work on the subterranean tomb of Senwosret III (ca. 1850 BC) so that this major royal monument can be opened to visitors. Project Director: Josef Wegner

At the base of the desert cliffs of South Abydos sit two royal tombs: one belonging to the 12th Dynasty king Senwosret III (ca. 1850 BCE) and the other, discovered in 2014, belonging to the Second Intermediate Period king Woseribre Seneb-Kay (ca. 1650 BCE). These tombs are both parts of the same greater royal necropolis: a site now known to have contained the burials of at least eleven kings of the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period. The AEF funding is oriented towards finishing the protection and restoration work on the Senwosret III tomb, but at the same time enhancing the impact of the wider site management activities by adding the restoration of Senebkay’s tomb. The unique potentials of this site – ‘smaller version of the Valley of the Kings’-in long term strategies to raise the profile, visitorship and protection of the wider antiquities zone of Abydos. Together, these two tombs will create the core for a major new protected and visitable archaeological site at Abydos.

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Location: Egypt, Northern Africa, Africa Organiser(s): University of Pennsylvania Project partner(s): American Research Center in Egypt Funder(s): American Research Center in Egypt-Antiquities Endowment Fund Funding received: $68,050 Commencement Date: 12/2014 Project Status: Completed
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