Preserving the Historic Homes of Displaced Communities in Lebanon

This two-year project will rehabilitate a significant portion of the historic centres of two cities in Lebanon.

Saida and Tripoli both have densely populated historic centres that are rapidly deteriorating due to a combination of factors.

Both cities have been affected by sectarian conflict over the recent past in Lebanon, where different religious or ethnic groups have historically fought for control in less peaceful parts of Lebanon’s history. The relationships between groups in the country can change very rapidly, in part due to sudden population shifts as Lebanon has welcomed refugees fleeing conflict elsewhere in the region. Those who arrive with almost no resources have historically moved into the old centres of the two cities, where housing conditions have remained poor.

In this project, 36 mixed use residential and commercial buildings in the core of the two cities will be restored. At the heart of each area to be restored is a historic building and in Tripoli this will be the Al Moallaq Mosque in Tal’et el Ouainat, whereas in Saida work will be clustered around a Hammam in the Souk el Hayyakin and Rue el Batta, All buildings will have significant repairs to their facades as well as work to improve living conditions, repairing electrical and water access.

Alongside these significant restoration works, heritage trails will be created, engineers will be trained and volunteers will be cultivated to look after the site on a long-term basis.

Project Details

Location: Saida, Tripoloi, Saida, Algeria, Lebanon, Northern Africa, Middle East, Africa, Asia Organiser(s): United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Project partner(s): The Azm and Saade Association (ASA), The Development of People and Nature Association (DPNA) Funder(s): British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS Funding received: £1,857,557 Commencement Date: 10/2017 Project Status: Active
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