Post-war Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yemen

A project for the reconstruction of historical sites as a mechanism for cultural, social and economic enhancement of local communities.

Since 2015, Yemen has experienced times of great political unrest that have resulted in a civil war and consequent damage throughout the country . The architectural heritage has been impacted by this conflict, and several important cultural sites have been severely damaged or, in some cases, almost entirely destroyed. This proposal aims to rehabilitate or reconstruct important Yemeni cultural landmarks, notably three Sufi shrines and two mosques in Hadramut, two mosques and the Domes of Al Habib Abu Bakr in Shihr and the Shaikh Yaqub Dome of Mukalla. The project also addressed the imminent danger of the further collapse of structures that are already damaged.

Led by the Daw'an Architecture Foundation, with the support of local authorities, the design encompasses impressive in-situ capacity building. Young people from the community participate in training schemes on the building sites, that aim to raise awareness of the historic cultural heritage and resources in their region. The reconstruction also involves local master builders and artisans as the project prioritizes the use of traditional building techniques and materials, including mud bricks and a water-resistant plaster to ensure the long term sustainability of the edifies. This not only goes in favor of the local economy, but contributes also to an ecologically sound building restoration. Stone used in construction is mostly collected from on site debris, minimizing the need for new materials.

The Dawan Architecture Foundation recently received the Holcim Silver Award Middle East Africa, announced in Venice in November 2021 for the above. For more info about the projects see Post-war Reconstruction in Yemen (

Project Details

Location: Yemen, Middle East, Asia Organiser(s): Daw’an Architecture Foundation Funder(s): British Council Cultural Protection Fund in partnership with DCMS, Prince Claus Fund - Cultural Emergency Response (CER) Funding received: £220,220.00 Commencement Date: 10/2019 Project Status: Active
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