Projects in Yemen

1 Map showing the buildings and areas that the project proposes to work on DAFDAF

The Rehabilitation of the Governor’s HQ Complex (former British Residency) in Mukalla

This project will oversee the rehabilitation of the building and surrounding area and protection of the skills needed to do so.

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Bannière fb 02

Eternal Heritage

Dedicated to promoting the role of young people in the protection of heritage in the Middle East, this project includes the realization of an informative and aesthetic publica…

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35 Emergency Digitization of Collection of National Museum of Aden c DLME

Emergency Digitization and Inventory of the Collection of the National Museum of Aden

The Museum holds several thousand archaeological, historical, and ethnographical objects although many were damaged or looted. DLME is working with the museum to secure the re…

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34 Documenting Yemeni built heritage at risk Queen Arwa Mosque Jibla 3 D reconstruction c CEFAS

Documenting Yemeni-Built Heritage at Risk

Much of Yemen’s unique heritage has been severely damaged by conflict. In response, French and Italian teams are collaborating with Yemeni authorities to document and assess u…

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33 The Dhamar Museum Recovery Projects CAORC

The Dhamar Museum Recovery and Documentation Project

The Dhamar Museum, one of Yemen’s largest and most important regional museums, was heavily damaged during conflict. CAORC will recover, document and shelter the collection, wh…

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32 Al Badr Palace c WMF

Reconstruction of the Al-Badr Palace and Revitalization of the Ta’izz National Museum Complex

The Al-Badr Palace is an Ottoman-era building, part of the Ta’izz National Museum complex. It was severely damaged during conflict, and over 15,000 objects from the museum col…

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Arcadia Logo high res

Documentation of Maritime Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

To document endangered maritime archaeological heritage in the Middle East and North Africa and to publish the results through an online database.

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Rachid Bin Shibrak 2015 3 LR

Post-war Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yemen

A project for the reconstruction of historical sites as a mechanism for cultural, social and economic enhancement of local communities.

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Looting at fifa jordan

EAMENA: Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology

This project aims to train archaeologists from eight countries in the use of an open-source aerial recording methodology, designed for conflict zones and other areas where acc…

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