Projects in Jordan

Instruments Making Program by AFH 2

On the Tracks of Music - Folk Music in the Levant and Mesopotamia

This project will preserve and promote the disappearing traditional folk music and musical instruments of marginalised rural communities, in areas severely affected by conflic…

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EAMENA: Mitigating Conflict and Climate Change Risks Through Digital Heritage, Capacity Building, and Consolidation

This project will build upon the transformative work undertaken by the EAMENA project across the Middle East and North Africa, working with national NGOs and governments to em…

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Withstanding change: heritage amongst climate uncertainty

Led by the International National Trusts Organisation, this project will restore six historic buildings in six countries across the Middle East, North Africa and East Africa, …

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Sustainable tourism at National trusts sites

A research project into the ways in which owners and stewards of National Trust properties around the world can ensure that tourism at their sites is conducted in a way that i…

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Eternal Heritage

Dedicated to promoting the role of young people in the protection of heritage in the Middle East, this project includes the realization of an informative and aesthetic publica…

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Employment through Heritage (EHP)

The project consists of two main components: 1) Creation of a legal framework for the Cultural Resources Management (CRM) sector in order to formalize the Jordanian job marke…

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Conservation of the 2nd-Century Gadara Aqueduct

This project involves the documentation of the aqueduct and its three tunnels and the development of a conservation plan.

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Conservation of the 1st‐Century Temple of the Winged Lions at Petra, Phase 2

This project continues work begun under a previous AFCP grant to conserve the temple and build local capacity to protect the site.

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Conservation of the 2nd-Century Roman Nymphaeum in Amman, Phase 2

This project continues work begun under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant to conserve the site.

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