Projects in Jordan

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Restoration of the Ancient Nabataean Flood Control System in Wadi Madras at Petra

This project, which includes the restoration and reactivation of the ancient Nabataean flood control system in Wadi Madras, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to pro…

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Conservation of the 2nd-Century Temple of Artemis at Jerash

This project, which involves the documentation, emergency stabilization, and conservation of the temple, supports the U.S. embassy's efforts to foster economic growth and job …

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Conservation of the 8th-Century Umayyad Qasr Al-Mshatta (Mshatta Palace) near Amman

This project involves the conservation of the palace ruins and the development of a site management plan.

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The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site and village

The project aims to record and analyse the endangered and multi-layered heritage site of Umm Qais including the Ottoman village houses. The project looks into ways to enhance …

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MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan

MaDiH (مديح): Mapping Digital Cultural Heritage in Jordan is an AHRC / Newton funded collaborative project contributing to the long-term sustainable development of Jordan’s di…

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Qusayr 'Amra

Qusayr ‘Amra is a bathhouse located in the eastern badiya (steppe) of Jordan. Built by the Umayyad prince Walid ibn Yazid sometime between 730 CE and 743 CE, the year when he …

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Documentation of Maritime Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

To document endangered maritime archaeological heritage in the Middle East and North Africa and to publish the results through an online database.

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Action for Hope: Music Schools

This project aims to preserve and promote traditional Syrian music and musical instrument making among refugee communities in Lebanon and Jordan.

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Protecting Levantine Crafts Through Embedded Training and Traditional Learning

This project aims to train young Syrians and Jordanians in traditional craft-work skills including mother-of-pearl inlay, woodcarving, carpentry, and wood mosaic.

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