The Ramesses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project

The Ramesses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project was able to carry out major preparatory measures. This will enable us to develop a strategy for conservation, excavation, refurbishment, site management, and publication of a tomb which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site that is the Valley of the Kings. Project Director: Anke Weber

Important parts of the tomb of Ramesses III were threatened by rapid deterioration. Around the turn of the 19th-20th century, rainwater floods caused significant damage, affecting both the wall decoration and the architectural elements. The burial chamber is particularly endangered since its eight pillars have become highly unstable. The first stage of a project made possible with AEF Funding is for consolidation and stabilization of the burial chamber. A geo-archaeologist will determine the tomb’s geological context by locating and mapping cracks above and inside the tomb. A conservator and a stress analyst will develop a plan to stabilize the burial chamber and, in a second stage of the project, to protect it from further water ingress.

Project Details

Location: Luxor, Egypt, Northern Africa, Africa Organiser(s): Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Funder(s): American Research Center in Egypt-Antiquities Endowment Fund Funding received: $60,089 Commencement Date: 07/2019 Project Status: Completed
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