The Pyramid Complex of King Sahura- Protection, Restoration and Documentation

Under the direction of Mohamed Ismail, a conservation project of the interior apartments of the pyramid complex of Sahura at Abusir was undertaken in 2019. The work concentrated on cleaning the interior rooms as well as consolidating and restoring the pyramid substructure to prevent further collapse and to protect the pyramid.

The proposed project The Pyramid Complex of King Sahura– Protection, Restoration and Documentation focused on two parts of Sahura’s pyramid complex in Abusir, namely the pyramid from inside and the documenting of the western and southern parts of the pyramid complex. The complete excavation and most important information about this complex was published by the German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt in 1913, However, and after decades, the Egyptian mission beginning from 2002 was able to unearth many blocks from the causeway, which, proves that Borchardt was not sufficient in documenting his precise activities at some particular areas in the pyramid complex. The workscope of the project included: 1) consolidation and restoration of the burial apartments of the pyramid of Sahura – 2) Documentation, restoration, storage and protection of the finds from the pyramid complex – 3) Documentation of the pyramid complex (plan documentation, geodetic survey, 3D technology) – 4) Restoring the original landscape of the pyramid complex of Sahura.

Project Details

Location: Cairo, Egypt, Northern Africa, Africa Organiser(s): Universität Würzburg Funder(s): American Research Center in Egypt-Antiquities Endowment Fund Funding received: $68,892 Commencement Date: 01/2019 Project Status: Completed
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