Projet Archives des Femmes, Mali

Amongst the recent and historical socio-political turmoil in Mali, local women have worked together to create a more just and equitable society. The personal collections of women's movement leaders document their work across Mali from the 1950’s onward.

The Projet Archives des Femmes works to preserve thousands of endangered papers and photographs belonging to a generation of Malian women who took part in anti-colonial activism in the 1950s and feminist social reform projects in the decades that followed. The Centre National d'Information et de Documentation sur la Femme et l'Enfant (CNDIFE) of Mali will connect with some of these Malian women and will work to digitize their personal materials. The archive contains materials related to issues such as marriage rights, labor equity and access to health care.

Project Details

Location: Mali, Western Africa, Africa Organiser(s): Modern Endangered Archives Programme (MEAP), Columbia University Project partner(s): Columbia University; Centre National d'Information et de Documentation sur la Femme et l'Enfant (CNDIFE) Funder(s): Arcadia Funding received: $48,389.00 Commencement Date: 01/2021 Project Status: Active
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