Projects in Mali

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Digitising Pulaar Islamic Texts: Six Archives of the Taal Families in Senegal and Mali

During the efforts to preserve pre-modern Islamic manuscripts in West Africa, important volumes of Pulaar Ajami writings have been left out. Detailing the islamisation of the …

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Endangered Libraries In Timbuktu

When the Jihadist occupation began in 2012, hundreds of thousands manuscripts were smuggled out of Timbuktu to Bamako. However, a small but important minority of the owners di…

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Recovering the rich local history of Kita (Mali) through the salvaging of its archival heritage

The Kita district was the oldest colonial district in Mali. Located at the crossroads of several trade routes, the cosmopolitan region was a refugee zone that welcomed populat…

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Documenting the Arabic manuscript collection of the Yattara Family Library, Timbuktu, Mali

The Yattara family library is a manuscript collection that has been developed over centuries by a prominent family from Timbuktu, Mali. Its contents were largely unknown. An o…

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Continued digitisation and preservation of the Arabic manuscripts of Djenné and surrounding villages

The city of Djenné, Mali, shares the same glorious past as a centre of learning and commerce with its more famous ‘twin sister’ Timbuktu. Held in private collections in Djenné…

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The sound archives of Radio Rurale de Kayes (Mali), 1988-2010

Before Radio Rurale de Kayes (RRK), Malian radio production was limited to the national radio under authoritarian rule, mostly broadcast in French and Bamanankan. But since th…

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Projet Archives des Femmes, Mali

Amongst the recent and historical socio-political turmoil in Mali, local women have worked together to create a more just and equitable society. The personal collections of wo…

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Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts in the Ahmed Baba Institute Collection in Timbuktu

This project involves the conservation, digitization, and storage of manuscripts for long-term preservation and access.

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Inventory and Documentation of Archaeological Sites in Mali

This project includes survey work and the development of Mali’s first national inventory of archaeological sites.

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