Western Africa

Projects in Western Africa

Kilwa Resize

CVI Africa: Values-based Climate Change Risk Assessment: Piloting the Climate Vulnerability Index for Cultural Heritage in Africa

In many regions of Africa, the risks from climate change to cultural heritage are pronounced. The response to these threats has profound implications for the wider cultural an…

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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Nigeria, Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies

The Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies of the University of Maiduguri will, together with Northern Nigerian manuscript conservator Michaelle Biddle, establish a Manuscript Conse…

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Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts in the Ahmed Baba Institute Collection in Timbuktu

This project involves the conservation, digitization, and storage of manuscripts for long-term preservation and access.

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Preservation of Ethnographic Objects in the Collection of the Cultural Bank of Taneka

This project involves a suite of preventive conservation measures to safeguard ethnic Yom ceremonial and other ethnographic objects of value to the local community.

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RE ORG Nigeria

Preventive Conservation of Museum Collections in Nigeria

This projects involves training and mentorship in preventive conservation of museum objects in storage.

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Documentation of the Traditional Knowledge of the Ifa in Nigeria

This project involves the documentation of 256 “odus,” or stories, of the babalawos of Oyo state.

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Preservation of the Ancient Rock Art of Nigeria in Jigawa and Cross River States

This project endeavors to strengthen Nigeria's network of rock art conservation specialists across regions.

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Documentation and Conservation of the Late 14th-Century Sungbo's Eredo Earthworks of the Yoruba Ijebu Kingdom

This project involves the documentation and partial conservation of the site’s extensive system of banks and ditches spanning two Nigerian states.

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Inventory and Documentation of Archaeological Sites in Mali

This project includes survey work and the development of Mali’s first national inventory of archaeological sites.

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