Benchmarking the Maritime Cultural Heritage of Syria

The aim of the project was to conduct a comprehensive baseline, arm's length assessment of the nature, extent, needs of, and threats to, the maritime archaeology resource in Syria.This represents the first step to developing a framework for the future investigation and protection of the country’s maritime heritage.

The Honor Frost Foundation’s (HFF) central mission is to advance maritime archaeological research in the eastern Mediterranean region. Significant advances have been made in developing networks and supporting research in Cyprus and Lebanon, but the situation in Syria has been complicated by the on-going conflict and humanitarian crisis. The Foundation recognises it potentially has a key role to play in facilitating strategies for post-conflict protection and development of the cultural heritage resource in the country’s maritime zone. To prepare for this return to normality, this project aimed to:

1) Conduct a comprehensive baseline assessment (benchmarking) of the nature, extent, needs of, and threats to, the maritime archaeology resource in Syria, including establishing a Database and GIS platform of underwater and coastal sites

2) Suggest a series of potential recommendations to further develop effective heritage management of the resource.

Project Details

Location: Syria, Middle East, Asia Organiser(s): Honor Frost Foundation Project partner(s): University of Ulster, University of Southampton Funder(s): Honor Frost Foundation Funding received: Undisclosed Commencement Date: 01/2017 Project Status: Completed
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