Amatrice: Emergency Conservation For Museo Cola Filotesio

Re-establish the viability of Amatrice restoring all primary infrastructure, permanent removal of rubble, and documentation and cataloguing that will be utilized during reconstruction.

The hill town of Amatrice, Italy, suffered a series of devastating earthquakes in 2016, destroying the majority of the town and causing 299 deaths and approximately 400 injuries. Amatrice was included on the Watch to bring awareness to its state and the need for better disaster prevention and preparedness. Funds will be used towards restoration efforts at the Museo Cola Filotesio. In total, damages to property and infrastructure from recent seismic events have been estimated at more than 20 billion euros. And while government aid was promptly announced, local communities have continuously called for more concrete steps towards recovery, which could last for years. Since 2002, the church of Sant’Emidio had housed the city’s museum, named after Cola Filotesio, a Renaissance artist from Amatrice. Much of the museum’s collection was salvaged thanks to emergency responders, but the ruined remains of the building now require structural stabilization and sheltering. Three large public grants have allowed emergency conservation to begin at Museo Cola Filotesio, including stabilization of the bell tower and removal of interior debris.

In the town, efforts to reestablish the viability of Amatrice have begun, including restoration of all primary infrastructure, permanent removal of rubble, and documentation and cataloguing that will be utilized during reconstruction.

In November 2017, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBACT) and the Museo delle Terme di Diocleziano in Rome launched the exhibition "Rinascite," which features a selection of artwork extracted from the rubble of Amatrice.

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Location: Italy, Southern Europe, Europe Organiser(s): World Monuments Fund Project partner(s): Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBACT)  Funder(s): American Express Funding received: $25,000 Commencement Date: 01/2018 Project Status: Active
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