Projects in Europe

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Preventive Conservation of the Collections of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo

This project involves site security improvements and the conservation of the archaeology and other museum pavilions.

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Conservation of the 15th-Century Vyshnivetsky Palace in Western Ukraine

This project includes the restoration of the palace’s Hall of Mirrors and the reinforcement of its southern retaining wall.

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Restoration of the Early 20th-Century Red Cross Society Historic Building in Sarajevo, Phase 3

This project continues work begun under a previous AFCP grant to restore the building for reuse.

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Conservation of the 16th-Century Alberti ("Black") House on Rynok Square in L'viv

The project involves the restoration of the building exterior and interior.

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Conservation of 13th- and 14th-Century Saxon Fortified Churches in Transylvania

This project involves the conservation and adaptive reuse of two fortified churches.

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Conservation of Ancient and Historic Syriac Cultural Heritage in the Stone-Carved Hillside City of Mardin in Southeastern Turkey

This project, which involves the documentation and assessment of Syriac buildings and associated craft traditions, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to advance regi…

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Moldova Bessarabian

Preservation of Early 19th-Century Bessarabian Charters and Historical Documents

This project, which involves the preservation of 173 volumes, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to raise public awareness and support for U.S. policies and values.

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Conservation of the 3rd-Century BC Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari

The project, which includes the documentation and conservation of the tomb, directly supports the Embassy's efforts to strengthen shared Euro-Atlantic values and build partner…

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Conservation of the Late 19th-Century Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska Building

This project, which involves roof repairs and the adaptation of attic space for use as a public library, directly supports the Embassy's efforts to forge positive partnerships…

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