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World Monuments Fund

World Monuments Fund is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1965 by individuals concerned about the accelerating destruction of important artistic treasures throughout the world. Now celebrating 50 years, World Monuments Fund has orchestrated over 600 projects in 90 countries.

Today, with affiliate organizations established in Britain, India, Peru, Portugal, and Spain — World Monuments Fund sponsors an ongoing program for the conservation of cultural heritage worldwide. The World Monuments Watch, a global program launched in 1995 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of World Monuments Fund, aims to identify imperiled cultural heritage sites and direct financial and technical support for their preservation.

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World Monuments Fund Projects

Oaxaca 1

Monte Alban

Fifteen structures within Monte Albán and the northern section of Atzompa were affected by a devastating September 2017 earthquake, with five showing severe damage that requir…

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Amatrice 1

Amatrice: Emergency Conservation For Museo Cola Filotesio

Re-establish the viability of Amatrice restoring all primary infrastructure, permanent removal of rubble, and documentation and cataloguing that will be utilized during recons…

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NPL Char Nara before earthquake 2013

Char Narayan Temple Reconstruction in Katmandu Valley

Rebuild Char Narayan, the oldest of the temples located in Patan’s Durbar Square. WMF’s long-standing partner in Nepal, Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT), will conduc…

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Takiyyat Ibrahim al Gulshani 1

Takiyyat Ibrahim al-Gulshani

Takiyyat Ibrahim al-Gulshani, a mausoleum at the centre of a courtyard, lies in various states of ruin, a victim of neglect, earthquakes and looting. The project is to positio…

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Qusayr Amra 1

Qusayr 'Amra

Qusayr ‘Amra is a bathhouse located in the eastern badiya (steppe) of Jordan. Built by the Umayyad prince Walid ibn Yazid sometime between 730 CE and 743 CE, the year when he …

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Babylon 1

Conservation of the Ishtar Gate - Part of the Future of Babylon Project

WMF has been working with Iraq’s State Board of Antiquities and Heritage to conserve the fragile archaeological remains of Babylon. The Ishtar Gate is considered Babylon's mos…

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Zanzibar 1

Christ Church Cathedral and the Former Slave Market Site, Stone Town, Zanzibar

World Monuments Fund was awarded a grant from the European Union in 2014 to restore Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar. The Cathedral was built in 1879 on the location of the…

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