Projects in Italy


REDMONEST - Develoment of a Monitoring Dynamic Network for Existing Structures of Cultural Patrimony

REDMONEST’s main objective was to develop a real-time managing system to evaluate the corrosion process of ancient concrete exposed to natural aging (including several weather…

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CHANGES project

CHANGES - Changes in cultural heritage activities: new goals and benefits for economy and society

Environmental sustainability concerns are driving investments in conservation, but also construction sector at large, towards inclusive and sustainable development as well as …

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PROTHEGO project

PROTHEGO - Protection of European cultural heritage from geo-hazards

New space technology based on radar interferometry is capable of monitoring surface deformation for reflective targets which consistently return stable signals to the radar sa…

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CLIMA project 1

CLIMA - Cultural Landscape Risk Identification, Management and Assessment

The CLIMA project aimed at promoting highly interdisciplinary soil-oriented research to develop an effective tool for the authorities in charge of landscape preservation.

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HEAT project

HEAT - Heritage and Threat

Today’s world contains a host of phenomena and situations endangering objects, sites and practices deemed “heritage” by stakeholders. Yet there is still a dearth of systematic…

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IRIS project

IRIS - Inspiring rural heritage: sustainable practices to protect and conserve upland landscapes and memories

Europe’s upland landscapes are a rich and complex heritage. However, current conservation measures and land-use decisions consistently fail to consider the historic dimension …

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Amatrice 1

Amatrice: Emergency Conservation For Museo Cola Filotesio

Re-establish the viability of Amatrice restoring all primary infrastructure, permanent removal of rubble, and documentation and cataloguing that will be utilized during recons…

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Documenting Marzamemis Mattanza Heritage Interviews credit J Leidwanger

Documenting Marzamemi's Mattanza Heritage

This project initiated documentation and valorization of the material and oral historical records of the most important traditional fishing practice of southeast Sicily, the m…

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3 D Documentation of the Marsala Punic Ship credit Pat Tanner

3D Documentation of the Marsala Punic Ship: Digital Conservation and Archiving

The Marsala Punic Ship was excavated in 1971 and are on display in Marsala. The aim of this project is to undertake a detailed laser scan in order to aid the conservation str…

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