Global Heritage Perspectives 1 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - The Journey so Far (1/5)

In ‘Global Heritage Perspectives’ we will explore innovative approaches to cultural heritage management and stewardship; to understand and reflect on how responses to crises have been shaped over the last year. We will discover novel strategies that respond to crisis at scale and explore the degree to which cultural heritage can be a route to addressing environmental, economic and social issues around the world.

Through this series we will hear from individuals and organisations from across the globe who come together to share international experiences and best practice, as communities and organisations recover with resilience; looking to a future that is more sustainable, equitable and ecological.

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Global Heritage Perspectives 2 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Value (2/5)

Cultural heritage protection is not only about the past, it is vitally about the present and providing a space to reflect, question and shape new narratives for the future.
Bringing together heritage professionals and cultural practitioners, in the second session of our series we look at the contemporary value and relevance of cultural heritage and its role in exploring cultural identity, creating dialogue and impacting wider societal change.

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Global Heritage Perspectives 3 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - Rebalancing Needs (3/5)

Successful heritage preservation projects often require the careful balancing of different – and sometimes rival – needs and priorities.
In this session we explore heritage preservation projects where the differing needs of people, the environment and wildlife collide, and explore the approaches taken to rebalance these urgencies.
In a period of fast-paced change within the heritage field, we talk with those working to address evolving issues, re-positioning their approaches to heritage management and looking to new and innovative methodologies to achieve their aims.

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Global Heritage Perspectives 4 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - International Consensus Building: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Cultural Heritage Protection (4/5)

Recognising the intersectoral role that protecting and promoting cultural heritage has across multiple environments and agendas, this session explores how best to build consensus to support effective bilateral and multilateral action on the global stage.
How best can government, civil society and stakeholders talk to each other? How can we facilitate meaningful dialogue in both directions? What voice can we have on a local, national or international arena?

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Global Heritage Perspectives 5 Webinar

Global Heritage Perspectives - Memory, Now (5/5)

What, who and how we remember is a constantly shifting arena and hotly debated topic within the heritage sector.

The sharing of inherited knowledge, documentation of memory and the resultant creation of cultural narratives all play vital roles in the protection of heritage.

In this session we look at the various ways we create, document, and share cultural memory and knowledge; exploring how memory is built and remembered across tangible, intangible and digital spaces.

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