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Publication: Strengthening cultural heritage resilience for climate change. Where the European Green Deal meets cultural heritage

This report summarises the work of the EU Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group of Member States’ experts on ‘Strengthening cultural heritage resilience for climate change’. It is based on the discussions and information, provided and approved by the members of the OMC expert group, in the meetings during 2021 – 2022, in addition to presentations given by the invited external experts. In their report, the OMC expert group formulates a set of key recommendations for policy makers, based on their findings.

UK culture and heritage organisations send packing crates, conservation and packing materials and collections documentation equipment to Ukraine

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, sector colleagues and organisations across the world mobilised to practically help their colleagues in Ukraine. Very often the support for Ukrainian museums and staff has been coordinated collaboratively with support of ICOM National Committees. The UK response began with the UA-UK Cultural Heritage Initiative asking ICON (The Institute of Conservation) to set up a series of Basecamp teams to co-ordinate support efforts. Due to security restrictions, the logistics and specific details of the support provided needs to be kept confidential.

The Prince Claus Fund is announcing the independence of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER)

The Prince Claus Fund is proud to announce the independence of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER). Cultural Emergency Response was established in 2003 to provide first aid to cultural heritage that is threatened, damaged or destroyed by conflict or disaster. Envisioned to grow and become an independent organisation from its start, CER has established itself as a leader in the culture heritage rescue field and is ready to take the next step as of July 2022.