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Documentation of Afro-Bolivian Traditional Music and Dances

This project involves the documentation of traditional music and dances in 15 rural communities in the Yungas.

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Conservation of the Ancient City of Cihuatan, Phase 2

This project builds upon work completed under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant and involves the conservation of two ball courts and three building platforms.

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Conservation of the 19th-Century Stabroek Market Clock in Georgetown

This project involves the conservation of the clock tower and reactivation of the market’s signature four face analog clock.

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Documentation of Afro-Colombian Burial Traditions in San Juan

This project involves the documentation of the gualíes and alabaos burial traditions.

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Conservation of 4th-Century BC Astronomical Horizon Markers at Chankillo Archaeological Site

This project includes the conservation of 13 horizon markers and local preservation capacity building.

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Documentation of Endangered Cultural Traditions of the Pai Tavytera Indigenous Community

This project involves the documentation of Pai Tavyera oral and craft traditions.

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Conservation of 19th- and Early 20th-Century Mausoleums in La Paz General Cemetery

This project involves the conservation of two mausoleums and community engagement activities.

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Conservation of the Archaeological Collections (4th Century BC to 16th Century AD) at the Archaeological Museum of Jama

This project, which includes conservation activities and the compilation of a comprehensive inventory, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to assist with post-earthqu…

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