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Photographs by Patrick Burgeff 1

México Alternativo

Alternative Mexico preserving and promoting Mexico City's heritage resources, based on social and national values, using a mobile application (App) for iOS and Android devices…

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19th-century documents from the Peruvian asylum el Manicomio del Cercado

The Victor Larco Herrera Hospital in the centre of Lima, Peru, was closed in 1917. Its archives, dating back to 1859, consist of medical documentation as well as administrativ…

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Digitisation and Diffusion of the Historical Archive of the Institute of Charity "Hermandad De Dolores" (Fraternity of Sorrows), Santiago De Chile

The archive of the Institute of Charity Hermandad de Dolores holds the history of the association from 1815 to the present. These enrich our understanding of Chilean charity i…

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Eap 1251

Digitisation of the Historic Newspaper, The Barbadian

The Barbadian newspaper covers the transition from the colonial, pre-modern to the modern era. The archives will enable scholars to trace the transition from the “news” being …

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Eap 1234

Preservation of Film Negatives of the Elias del Aguila Collection of the Historical Archive of Centro de la Imagen

Even though he was the favourite photographer of Lima’s middle class, until 2015 Elias el Aguila was practically unknown. Over 7000 photographic negatives of his collection ar…

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Digitisation of Documentary Heritage of the Colombian Caribbean in the Maritime Port of Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias was one of the most important centres of the Spanish crown in the 18th century. Though it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its archival document…

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Eap 1100

Survey of archival material in small Jewish communities in rural areas in Argentina: south Buenos Aires province and La Pampa province

Between the 19th and 20th century, 200,000 Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean arrived in Argentina. Archives of small villages show how immigrants manag…

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Eap 1086

Preserving and Digitising the Historic Newspaper, The Barbados Mercury Gazette

The Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazette - a newspaper printed bi-weekly in Barbados, West Indies, from 1783 to 1839 - is a resource in the recovery of the identities of en…

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Eap 1065

Public High Schools Archives of Chile, Digitisation for their rescue, preservation and dissemination

Public secondary education in Chile was founded in 1813. The schools helped to educate the political elites of the Republic of Chile and constitute the Republic’s early educat…

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