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Citizen action for the defence of human rights in Chile: Personal Fonds

Throughout the late 20th century, Chile endured a repressive regime that threatened national democracy. This project, facilitated by the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Hum…

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Digitization and description of the film collection of the news program “El Mundo al Día”

News program “El Mundo al Día” aired on the Domincan Repblic's first TV channel from 1965 to 1980. During those years, the program broadcasted daily to the nation, capturing a…

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Valorization, recover and digitization of the local archives of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo: an initial step towards open access

Since the 1970s, the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo have worked towards locating children who were kidnapped during the Argentine dictatorship. Throughout their work for human right…

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Memories of Resistance: A Digital Archive of Chile’s Graphic Resistance

From 1977 to the present, the Tallersol Cultural Centre’s graphic arts workshop created a rich collection of posters and printed works in support of the resistance movement in…

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Memories from no-man's land: Archives of the Peruvian self-defense militias

The Peruvian armed conflict (1980-2000), ignited by communist rebels of Shining Path, put local communities at risk of both guerrilla attacks and state forces. This project wi…

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IRIS project

IRIS - Inspiring rural heritage: sustainable practices to protect and conserve upland landscapes and memories

Europe’s upland landscapes are a rich and complex heritage. However, current conservation measures and land-use decisions consistently fail to consider the historic dimension …

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Sustainable tourism at National trusts sites

A research project into the ways in which owners and stewards of National Trust properties around the world can ensure that tourism at their sites is conducted in a way that i…

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GCRF Cultural Heritage Project Hub

The GCRF Cultural Heritage Hub is an interdisciplinary consolidator project coordinated by the University of St Andrews. Led by the main Principal Investigator Dr Richard Bat…

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Motorcycling as Peacebuilding in Liberia

Ex-combatant and conflict-affected youth make up the vast majority of Liberia’s 175,000 motorcycle taxi drivers. Motorcycling emerged after Liberia’s civil war as a critical e…

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