Historical Memory of Brazil's National Federation of Domestic Workers

Despite their socioeconomic impact and significance, historical materials reflecting the life of domestic workers in Brazil have remained underrepresented. The collection of worker's union, Federação Nacional das Trabalhadoras Domésticas, contains documentation of national workers' labor organizing throughout the late twentieth century.

This project plans to organize and evaluate the archive of Brazil’s national domestic workers’ union federation, which includes materials documenting activities at the vanguard of Brazilian labour organizing. As a group that has been dramatically underrepresented in the historical record, domestic workers have much to gain from accessing their institutional memory. The archive will not only empower contemporary activists, but also shift historical narratives that have privileged certain voices over others.

Project Details

Location: Brazil, South America, Americas Organiser(s): Modern Endangered Archives Programme (MEAP) Project partner(s): Federação Nacional das Trabalhadoras Domésticas Funder(s): Arcadia Funding received: $15,000.00 Commencement Date: 02/2022 Project Status: Active
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