Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Gori

The Gori Museum houses a coin collection (7th century BCE -20th century CE). The museum’s ethnographic objects, manuscripts, and photo archives provide a deeper understanding of the region. This project will establish a Disaster Risk Management Plan, document collections, improve storage conditions, develop museum staff's capacity and civil-military cooperation among state authorities.

The Gori Museum was founded in 1935 and houses, among other artifacts, a unique coin collection from Georgia and other countries from 7th century BCE to 20th century CE. The museum’s ethnographic objects, manuscripts, and photo archives provide a wide range of sources to better understand the Shida Kartli region and its role in the development of Georgia. This project will establish a Disaster Risk Management Plan for the Gori Museum, document its collections, and improve storage conditions. The project will also enhance museum staff's capacity in preventive conservation and first aid for cultural objects. Finally, civil-military cooperation among state authorities responsible for the protection of cultural heritage will be strengthened.

Project Details

Location: Gori, Georgia, Central Asia, Asia Organiser(s): Georgian National Committee of the Blue Shield Project partner(s): Museum of History and Ethnography of Gori Georgian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Georgian Ministry of Defence National Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Culture and Tourism Development in Gori Blue Shield International Funder(s): ALIPH Funding received: $156,675 Commencement Date: 01/2020 Project Status: Active
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