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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Uzbekistan, Private Archives of Galina A. Pugachenkova

The Heritage Alert Observatory safeguarded the archive of academic Galina Pugachenkova (1915 – 2007) and made it digitally available on an open access database that they have …

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Conservation of Bronze Age Mosaics at Gonur Depe

This project includes a cataloguing component and training workshops.

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Karakhanid mausoleum Page 05 Image 0001

Conservation of the 11th-12th-Century Karakhanid Mausoleum in Uzgen, Phase 2

This project supports the continuation of work begun under a previous grant to conserve the monument and reverse decades of damage.

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Preservation of a 20th-Century Hakob Hakobyan Mural in Gyumri

This project, which continues work begun under a previous AFCP grant, involves the conservation and display of the mural in a public space in Gyumri. [Photo credit: Project or…

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Azerbaijan Quba Hamam

Conservation of an 18th-Century Hammam in Guba, Phase 2

This project continues work begun under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant to restore the building.

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Conservation of the Ruins of the 13th-Century Mokhammed II Portal in Misrian

This project involves the conservation of the Mokhammed II Portal, including its glazed tile decoration.

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Preservation of the Endangered Gagauz Language and Cultural Traditions in Moldova

This project involves the conservation of the building and its interior wall paintings.

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Conservation of the Chapels and Narthex of the Early 12th-Century Church of the Virgin at Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi

This project, which continues work carried out under previous Ambassasdors Fund grants, involves the conservation of stone masonry walls of the chapels and narthex of the Chur…

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Preservation of the 12th-Century Silk Road Caravanserai at Dayahatyn, Phase 2

This project, which continues work begun under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to strengthen its relationships with the people …

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