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The University of Liverpool has, since 1881, worked for the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life.

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Digitizing vulnerable community-held archives of human rights in Colombia

The Fundación Guagua archive in Colombia documents the hardships faced by victims of armed conflict, including cases of extrajudicial killings, torture, massacres, crimes agai…

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Memories of Resistance: A Digital Archive of Chile’s Graphic Resistance

From 1977 to the present, the Tallersol Cultural Centre’s graphic arts workshop created a rich collection of posters and printed works in support of the resistance movement in…

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Carved in stone

Carved in Stone

Carved in Stone aims to tackle the threat to rock-cut reliefs in Turkey.

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Yazidi heritage identity

Preserving Yazidi Heritage and Identity

A project that will engage young Yazidis, and provide them with the relevant training to support them to engage with, record and share their cultural heritage.

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