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Eap 1160

Documenting royalty through the changing political culture in Kongu Nadu, South India, 1400-1950

Kongu Nadu is one of the earliest cultural areas in ancient Tamil land. The documents held by chieftains in the region are of great interest to historians, anthropologists, so…

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Eap 1153

Preservation of audio recordings, and accompanying documentation of music and folklore of Western Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s cultural heritage is heavily based on oral traditions. Professional bards and musicians of the region recite traditional epics, with puppetry and music. Recordings…

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EAP1150 1 0

Fragile palm leaves digitisation initiative

The Fragile Palm Leaf Foundation (FPL) holds hundreds of unknown and unstudied manuscripts and texts. Access to this vast collection would revolutionise the study of Theravāda…

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Eap 1149

The Monastic Manuscript Project: Preservation of the Archives of Śaiva Monastic Lineages

Over the past few decades, scholars of Śaivism have recovered a wealth of manuscripts that have revolutionised our understanding of the place of Śaivism in the religious histo…

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Eap 1126

A Digital Library of the Lanten Textual Heritage - Phase II

The manuscripts of the Lanten in Laos enable shamans and priests to engage Daoist deities in the rituals to reproduce the Lanten socio-cosmological order. A distinctive qualit…

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Eap 1123

Recalling a Translocal Past: Digitising Thai-Mon palm-leaf manuscripts

The Mons are credited with bringing Buddhism and a written culture to mainland Southeast Asia. The Thai Mon manuscripts represent a gap in the intellectual history of Burma an…

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EAP Placeholder

Private records of the leading business families of Early Colonial Bengal

Bengal had a rich tradition of commodity production, trade and commerce in the pre-colonial and the early colonial period. The archival records of the families with such leadi…

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Eap 1077

Preservation of Tibetan Bonpo Manuscripts in Amdo (Qinghai and Gansu Provinces, PRC)

Compared to Tibetan Buddhism, Bon is still a niche topic of study that is emerging to the attention of an increasing number of scholars. Ngakpa (ritual experts) normally live …

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Eap 1063

Vernacular Mathematics in Pre-Modern India

While Sanskrit sources in Indian mathematics are widely studied, this is not the case with vernacular sources. The study of the latter will shed light on the pre-modern econom…

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