Projects in Asia

Eap 886

Digitisation of Sanskrit Manuscripts and Books in the State of Jammu and Kashmir

This project digitised two collections of manuscripts and books in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The team carried out work in both the Kashmir Research Institute, Sri…

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Eap 880

Fragments of Sikkim: preserving and presenting the palace archives of a Himalayan Kingdom, 1875-1975

This project preserved, digitised and made available to academic enquiry the hitherto neglected royal archives of the former Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Sikkim, which merged…

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EAP855 Opening Event Team

Anti-colonialism and religious independence in the Philippines around 1900: preserving the archival records of the early history of the Iglesia Filipina Independente

Documenting the religious self-assertion of the Filipino elite around 1900, the records of the Iglesia Filipina Independente not only represent the negotiations between a loca…

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Eap 848

Digitisation of Georgian national heritage materials at the National Scientific Library

The National Scientific Library of Georgia holds the Library-Museum of Joseph Grishashvili, one of the most valuable and full archives in the Caucasus. The material covers a p…

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EAP839 Gallery 001

Endangered Urdu periodicals: further preservation and access for vulnerable scholarly resources

This project digitised six series of Urdu periodicals and newspapers housed in three libraries in Pakistan, continuing the work started in the previous project EAP566. These t…

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Digitisation of the photographic collection from DirghaMan and GaneshMan Chitrakar Art Foundation

The DirghaMan and GaneshMan Chitrakar Art Foundation has a total of 1,800 glass plate negatives and 4,000 acetate negatives. At a time when most people did not have access to …

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EAP835 Pub002 0

Jaffna Protestant digital archive project

The Tamil Protestant community of the Jaffna Peninsula has left an indelible mark on Sri Lanka’s modern history. These sources contribute to how we understand ritual, textual,…

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Eap 823

Digitisation and preservation of the manuscript collection at the Monastery of St Saviour in Old Jerusalem

This project digitised the full collection of manuscripts at the Franciscan monastery of St Saviour in the Old City of Jerusalem. The collection contains codices and rotuli, d…

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EAP810 Pub003

Conservation, documentation and preservation of the knowledge of siddha medicine

Siddha refers to the traditional medical system of Tamil Nadu, India. Although recognised by the government of India, siddha medicine has not been systemically studied, partly…

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